Fast, Flexible and Freelance.

I'm a flexible photographer based in Copenhagen, with a specialty in Event Photographing. Over the years I've been taking photos, I've been gathering myself some experience working with clients likes the one Below. Other than working with clients for events, I also enjoy taking a walk around the classic urban life and document, how I believe the world should look at it.

Tobias er ikke både en super dygtig fotograf men også så dejligt et menneske som er med til at skabe en god energi omkring sig. Vi er meget taknemmelig for Tobias.

- Little Big Help

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Camera, Sound, ACTION!

Other than taking photos, I've also gathered a rather big enjoyment for Moviemaking, sound and live action, it has mainly been private projects or classic school projects I've been working on, but one of my proudest projects has been the music video on the left!
But recording and editing isn't the only live-action i go around, everything from Livestreaming and producing streams for esport clients such as Dust2 DK & EsportDK.

Esport consultation

Esport is a lifestyle.

Esport is a thing I've been working with on the sideline for a period of over 4 years by now, a completely new world, where we all try to follow the development closely. Within esport, I've done the most so far, I've both worked with coordinating, tournament administration, team administration, streaming, producing, but I've also been helping people out, who needed the help to come further in, or understand esport with the specialty in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by Valve.